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High pressure dry powder briquetting machine with better properties

Source:http://www.zk-briquettingplant.com   Author:Lisa   Date:29/12/2012

The high pressure briquetting machine is used for pressing the powdery materials which is hard to mold, with few moisture content. Its features is high molding pressure, matched with screw feeding device, you can also choose to use variable speed motor for adjusting revolution. The main motor supplies power for machine, by belt wheel & reducer, through coupling to the driving shaft. The screw feeding device drives by the variable speed motor, by belt wheel & reducer, force the raw materials to the feeding mouth. As to the constant torque of variable speed motor, when the pressing materials of screw feeder equal to the required materials of machine, can keep constant feeding pressure make the reliable briquettes?quality. Feeding too much or less materials, will cause the briquetting efforts, so the skilled operation is the important factor to keep the briquetting production going well. Also matched with hydraulic protection device, the hydraulic oil can be gone into the hydro-cylinder by hydraulic pump, make the piston axial displacement. When too much feeding raw materials or metal block, the piston rod overload pressure, hydro-cylinder stop, spill valve start oil return, the piston rod can make displacement, make the hard materials through the rollers, all the production recover normal.

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