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  • NO.1

    Coal briquette machine widely used in Industry

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • Coal briquette machine is roller press type. It is used for making coal fines, charcoal fines, coal slime, white coal, anthracite into briquettes. These briqu...

  • NO.2

    ZKBM360 Briquetting machine exported to Asia

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • Briquetting machine is used for making coal fines, coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon dust, carbon black, iron ore fines, mineral powder, metal dust, cast ir...

  • NO.3

    Hot Sale complete briquetting machinery

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • We deliveried the complete briquetting machinery to Asia market such as Indonesia, India, Philippines etc. Zhengzhou Kehua Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd is the...

  • NO.6

    Available briquetting machine in workshop

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • Our customers come to our factory for checking briquetting machines. Briquetting machine is one of the most popular tools for converting coal fines, coke fine...

  • NO.8

    Carbon black briquetting press hot sale in 2012

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • Carbon black briquetting press is used for making carbon black which come from tyre pyrolysis into briquettes for recycling use. Also can be used for briquett...

  • NO.10

    Briquetting plant widely used in metallurgy

  • Date: [December 29,2012]
  • Briquetting plant is consisting of crusher, mixer, conveyor, briquetting machine. Widely used in coal mining, metallurgy industry etc. Briquetting plant can c...

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